Content marketing
for employers

Content marketing for employers provides an opportunity to increase candidates’ awareness of the company itself and the positions offered through blog articles, podcasts, social media posts, surveys or other creative activities.

If desired, it is also possible to share content previously created by the employer, which is related to labor market topics.

All created content is delivered to the target group determined by the company through various distribution channels.

Which content marketing
solution to choose?

Content marketing solutions

Article in the tooelublogi.ee blog

Stand out, engage and attract top talent with engaging content marketing articles. A content marketing article will help you improve your employer brand, reach a larger audience and be more visible in search engines (SEO).

Make content marketing a part of your recruitment strategy using CV.ee tooelublogi.ee’s capabilities.

Newsletter to target audience

Highlight your employer brand and create a stronger connection with the top talents in the CV.ee database using our branded newsletters. The service is suitable for you if you find the usual database application invitation boring and would like to stand out from the competition.

A branded newsletter with an eye-catching design and personalized content will strengthen your brand’s presence on the job board.

Social media work shadowing

Take your recruiting process to the next level with job shadowing social media video solutions. Attract top talent and create engaging content for job seekers with our job shadowing social media video content.

Involve people in the work life of your company with engaging, authentic and interactive video content.

You can find a example video from here.

Podcast (Youtube + Spotify)

CV.ee career blog podcast is a conversation corner that is suitable for creating content for both employers and job seekers and reflects various labor market news and best practices.

Through our podcast, it is possible to get your message to the target group and produce a lot of video content, which you can later use as short clips as your marketing material. All episodes and short clips are spreaded on CV.ee channels. In addition, a video podcast also has a good effect on search engine visibility.

See more podcast examples from here.

Which content marketing
solution to choose?

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